Partner The Pokémon Company International

Since its inception in 1996, Pokémon has grown to become a globally recognized brand with fans of all ages enjoying playing its video games and Trading Card Game or watching its animated series and movies. At IMC Weekend School we are proud that The Pokémon Company International has partnered with us to support our efforts.

Since 1998, we have focused on developing and stimulating skills in our children as we acknowledge this plays a key role in providing a sustainable foundation for children’s development. Today these are called 21st century skills, emphasizing that the jobs of the future need skills that match technological developments, something that is becoming increasingly relevant in every profession. In light of this we have recognized the need to further develop the educational programs we offer and the support we have received from The Pokémon Company International will greatly help us achieve this goal.

About IMC Weekend School

IMC Weekend School offers supplementary and motivational education for children (aged 10-14) from underprivileged neighbourhoods. Our educational philosophy aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge and audacity that are needed to find a place in society that matches their capacities. In practice this means professionals (volunteers) introduce students to a wide range of topics, including journalism, medicine, law, philosophy, the arts, astronomy and entrepreneurship. The curriculum also includes training skills such as presentation, research, debate, collaboration, and conflict resolution. It is an education focused on developing an all-rounded character. The contacts created between passionate professionals and students bridge social inequalities, and affect both parties. In an alumni program, guest teachers, sponsors and Weekend School alumni stay connected, and develop professional relationships.

In 1998 IMC Weekendschool was founded by psychologist Heleen Terwijn in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in collaboration with trading company IMC Trading (International Marketmakers Combination). In 2020 we run four programs (for weekend schools, primary schools, young newcomers and alumni) at 58 locations in the Netherlands. Weekly around 3.000 children enter the doors of our programs. And also abroad there are sister schools in Belgium, Mexico, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.