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IMC Weekend School

IMC Weekend School

IMC Weekend School is a supplementary school on Sundays for children (aged 10-14) from underprivileged neighborhoods. Through a three-year course, professionals (volunteers) introduce students to a wide range of topics, including journalism, medicine, law, philosophy, the arts, astronomy and entrepreneurship. The curriculum also includes training skills such as presentation, research, debate, collaboration, and conflict resolution. It is an education focused on developing an all-rounded character.

The goals of the program are to provide students with the skills, knowledge and audacity that are needed to find a place in society that matches their capacities. The contacts created between passionate professionals and students bridge social inequalities, and affect both parties. In an alumni program, guest teachers, sponsors and Weekend School alumni stay connected, and develop professional relationships.

In 1998, psychologist Heleen Terwijn founded IMC Weekend School in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in collaboration with trading company IMC (International Marketmakers Combination). In 2018, IMC Weekend School has ten branches throughout the Netherlands, as well as three sister schools in Brussels, Belgium, named TADA, one in Mexico, named Mundo de Talentos (since february 2019) and one in Malaysia named We Can Academy (since january 2020). The ten Dutch Weekend School branches each have 100+ students per Sunday. Around 4,000 volunteer guest-teachers participate each year.

Funding – Over a hundred companies and foundations finance the Weekend School organization (not the government). There are over three hundred pro bono partners.

IMC Alumni – Weekend School alumni connect in a vibrant network: IMC Alumni (2,634 members in 2018). Among other activities for self-development, alumni teach the younger generations. Alumni embody the ideals of the Weekend School, ‘learn from your elders;’ ‘pursue your talents,’ and ‘give back.’ IMC Alumni organises a wide variety of activities, among which trainings, professional communities, and alumni boards.

Research – IMC Weekend School has a research unit that collaborates with universities to study impact factors. Data shows that Weekend School alumni have better professional prospects, are more confident, more motivated to persist in the school system and to develop their capacities, and are better connected to society than control groups.

IMC Basis – IMC Weekend School works towards systems change by running the program in a growing number of regular schools throughout the Netherlands during regular school time with the support of the Ministry of Education (currently 16 branches).

IMC on Tour – IMC Weekend School employees, alumni and guest teachers provide
Weekend School courses in language schools for newcomers children in the Netherlands (currently 7 branches).

International recognition – In 2009, IMC Weekend School was awarded winner at the Marketplace of Ideas (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations). In 2010, IMC Weekend School was a finalist for the WISE Awards (World Innovation Summit for Education). In 2016, IMC Weekend School was finalist for the Brock International Prize in Education.

Building a Global Network – IMC Weekend School welcomes social entrepreneurs who wish to set up Weekend Schools in their own countries. Social entrepreneurs will be trained intensively at the Weekend Schools’ headquarters in Amsterdam, and will receive subsequent on the ground and on-line support. Social entrepreneurs will organize their own fundraising, and set up their own independent organizations. As sister schools, we work with the same concept and ideals, share knowledge, align pr, and organize alumni exchanges. Together, we build a global network of Weekend Schools.

Contact – info@weekendschool.nl T: +31 20 280 17 00 – www.imcweekendschool.nl

In 2018, IMC Weekend School celebrates it’s 20th anniversary


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