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Drie alumni naar Boston voor Women2Women Leadership Program


Maar liefst drie alumni van IMC Weekendschool hebben deelgenomen aan het Women2Women Leadership Program in Boston, USA. Mogelijk gemaakt door de Amerikaanse Ambassade in Den Haag.

Women2Women SchipholLecyca Curiel uit Groningen, Moena Geddi uit Nijmegen en Maryem Lhajoui uit Tilburg zijn afgereisd naar Boston en kregen samen met 100 andere jonge vrouwen de kans zich te ontwikkelen op het gebied van leiderschap, culturele bewustwording, conflict oplossingen en burgerparticipatie.

Tien dagen lang hebben zij een intensief trainingsprogramma gevolgd om hun leiderschapskwaliteiten te ontwikkelen en werden tools aangereikt om een eigen burgerparticipatie actieplan te maken om te kunnen implementeren in hun eigen buurt. Van deze dames gaan we nog veel horen!



Moena Geddi added 14 new photos — feeling blessed.

August 1 at 8:59am · Heesch ·

Everyone who knows me knows that it has always been my biggest dream to go to America, so much love to IMC Weekendschool and The U.S. Embassy for making this happen and giving me a full scholarship! ❤ These past 10 days have shown me so much about how lucky and privileged I am that I live in a country where I don’t have to fear for my life, I can go to school and can voice my opinion on whatever I want. And I will not ever take these privileges for granted again. I now have a way better understanding of the world, different cultures and even myself and my goals in life. I am thankful for sharing this amazing experience with all of these amazing strong women and I can’t wait to change the world with them! ‪#‎yougogirl


Maryem Lhajoui with Lecyca Curiel and 49 others.

August 4 at 9:42pm ·

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Women2Women groupUSA, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Nigeria, Algeria, Kurdistan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Poland and Kuwait.


“How was your week, can you write something about it?”

I can tell all of you what we did the past days, but that won’t tell you how I feel. I can tell you all about the trips we made and the meetings we had, I can tell you all about our action plans and how nervous we were for our presentations in the Massachusetts State House. I can tell you how excited I was to go to Harvard, where we got our first A+. How we got to meet a REAL Kennedy.

But let me tell you about all these wonderful girls. Let me tell you about how their stories touched me that it still makes me cry, about the long nights talking about how we feel about the world and that it needs to change.

As a teenager I don’t always get to meet other teenagers who feel the same way. Who worry about the future of this world. Who believe that the world needs to change. I don’t always get the opportunity to stay up all night discussing about how little others care for our world. To talk about politics without others saying that I know nothing about it or that I’m too young. These girls came to Boston with a purpose and they were serious about it.

To have other dreams than most teenagers. To never forget the woman you want to become. To believe that whatever you want to do is reachable.  To outwork others by working hard. To step up with courage.

Thank you Tricia Raynard, Thank you Rick Rendon, Thank you Kari Johnston
Thank you interns!
Thank you US Embassy for giving me the opportunity to represent my country this year in Boston. I won’t let you down.

Thank you for the best experience in my life.
Thank you for the most eye-opening 10 days of my life.

I’ve met girls who touched my heart forever. I believe in you. In all of you. You can make a change, as long as you never forget your purpose.

– most importantly, thank you girls for opening up and sharing your stories.

And thank you to my roomies Natalia Pietruszewska and Lily. ❤

Good luck with your action plans, this one’s to making the world a better place!

See you soon

Love you girls ❤

(wanted to tag all of you but apparently facebook won’t allow me to have so many friends, ugh, its the 21st century facebook!)


Lecyca Curiel

July 27 at 6:49am ·


Hi everyone. First of all I want to invite you to have a look in Lecyca’s world, because that may be a very interesting one at the moment.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v17bJP-ZliA

Also, I’d like bring up the following: We’re doing this great project here in Boston to offer people the chance to involve in the community and network that we’re currently building here at Women2Women. You can help us making a difference by clicking the following link and sending us your support: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/44662-w2w-strong-women…

Don’t forget to mention these hashtags in your message‪#‎w2w2016teamorange ‪#‎w2wstrongwomen, and select Team Orange as a source when you register.

Danki in advance.